• Celebrating National Recovery Month

    September is National Recovery Month, a time dedicated to spreading awareness about the benefits of substance abuse treatment and mental health services, which can help many suffering in our society lead better lives. For over 30 years, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has been educating the public on the value of investing in themselves and the community as a whole.

    If you or a loved one have been affected by substance addiction or mental health illness, here are some ways you can celebrate National Recovery Month:

    Help Spread the Word

    The National Recovery Month website offers banners, logos and flyers you can print and circulate throughout your community, helping to raise awareness.


    Contact your local recovery center and see if they will be holding any events that you can attend.

    Share Your Personal Story

    There are numerous ways you can share your own story and inspire and empower others. You might want to speak at a local event or write about your story on your blog or Facebook page. Sharing your story about recovery from addiction or mental health illness provides others with hope and the affirmation they are not alone.

    Host Your Own Event

    On the SAMHSA website, you will find many different recovery events that you may want to consider hosting. For instance, there are walks and rallies that are always great for drawing a crowd and spreading important messages.

    Say Thank You

    This month is a great time to reflect and show gratitude to the people who have helped you in your recovery. You can say thanks to yourself, your network of family and friends, and the professionals that supported you along the way.

    Recovery is never “done.’ It is a lifelong commitment and process. If you’d like to find a therapist who can help you continue to recover and reach your true potential, please reach out to me. 


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